Wednesday, March 4, 2015

MIlan Fashion Week Post- Fall 2015! Moschino and Fendi!

The Moschino show was off the charts amazing! It was a 90's remix with oversized knapsacks, puffer coats, and bugs bunny and the Looney Tunes buggin' off bags! Moschino chains were flying and Jeremy Scott has once again designed the best collection ever! Kris Kross was playing during the show as spray paint dresses and ghettoblaster bags went down the runway, as the models strutted their stuff down the catwalk. The models were chaneling supermodel glam from the 90's, like Cindy and Naomi. The theme #READYTOBEAR was everywhere as teddy bear knapsacks, teddy bear sweaters and teddy bear perfume stuffed animals were all over the seats. It was a night to remember as we joined our Moschino family backstage and to the dinner later on and celebrated in to the early morning by dancing at The Duomo! Oh those Milan nights!  photo moschino-beckermanblog-7_zpsm7uucn2f.jpg Photo by: Maxim Sap (Fashion to Max)  photo moschino-fall15-beckermanblog-11_zpsx09ggq4y.jpg  photo moschino-fall15-beckermanblog-12_zpsv4qwyhpr.jpg  photo moschino-fall15-beckermanblog-7_zpsveizqywx.jpg  photo moschino-fall15-beckermanblog-8_zpsocjaybsc.jpg  photo moschino-fall15-beckermanblog-5_zpsja4o7kqf.jpg  photo moschino-fall15-beckermanblog-4_zps6echaw4f.jpg  photo moschino-fall15-beckermanblog-2_zpskekblukq.jpg  photo moschino-fall15-beckermanblog-1_zpscmeeu6ar.jpg  photo moschino-fall15-beckermanblog-3_zps3ypes8xh.jpg  photo moschino-beckermanblog-3_zpsrw6atzs5.jpg  photo moschino-beckermanblog-8_zpsadf3yosa.jpg  photo moschino-beckermanblog-9_zpso4ng7yel.jpg
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 photo bearphoto-moschino_zpstuvmtlos.jpg  photo backstageboards at moschino-beckermanblog-fw15_zpsfduvlila.jpg  photo usbackstageatmoschino-fw15-beckermanblog_zpsgsyfz3i4.jpg  photo backstagewithpablo-moschino-fw15-beckermanblog_zpskfioutds.jpg  photo moschino-beckermanblog-010-bear bag_zpsfcerom6u.jpg  photo moschino-beckermanblog-2_zpsjw7pvv5z.jpg  photo moschino-beckermanblog-1_zpski2cft8y.jpg  photo moschino-beckermanblog-5_zpsbqqjboso.jpg  photo moschino-beckermanblog-6_zpsnpugzkab.jpg  photo moschino-beckermanblog-4_zpsqjkf7sgw.jpg
 photo sindingphoto-wmagazine_zpsfy5omzox.jpg Photo by: Adam Katz Sinding for W Magazine photo Stefano Colleti - vogue italia-therodnikbanddresses-beckermanblog_zpssnthnple.jpg Photo by: Stefano Coletti for Vogue Italia
We were only in Milan for a total of one day! We did a quick fly in for the Moschino and Fendi shows and then headed out the next day back to Toronto to gear up for 10 days in Paris.
The Rodnik Band made these Beer and Orange Crush can dresses for us and we are so obsessed with them!
Fendi- For us it was all about the puffer jackets and headbands at the Fendi show. The classic silhouettes and luxe fabrics were so chic! Kendalls jacket was our favorite
 photo Fendi-Fall Winter 2015-beckermanblog-5_zpsno6y70jn.jpg  photo Fendi-Fall Winter 2015-beckermanblog-4_zpszrjs5mkz.jpg  photo Fendi-Fall Winter 2015-beckermanblog-3_zpscaqehe6s.jpg  photo Fendi-Fall Winter 2015-beckermanblog-2_zpsefayxupo.jpg  photo Fendi-Fall Winter 2015-beckermanblog-1_zpswvszwqpf.jpg
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Monday, March 2, 2015

London Fashion Week! Fall 2015 Shows!

 photo sindig photo_zpstmgs1inr.jpg Photo: By Adam Katz Sinding

We had the time of our lives in London! Not only did we stay in the most beautiful hotel- The Mondrian London, we slept amazing, went to the best shows and met Dame Vivienne Westwood! We woke up every morning and had pancakes and room service... next level amazing! The view from our hotel was so beautiful because we got to look at the water everyday. We enjoyed ourselves at the shows because we got to see our most favorite designers like Marques Almeida, Christopher Kane and Ashish and even went to a Coach Party! See our reviews and videos below! photo hotelpics_zpsp0nwqx3s.jpg  photo FullSizeRender_zpsnbxhcqrd.jpg  photo cailli2_zpsmaod5frv.jpg  photo mondrian hotel london 3_zpsqxcd3ydj.jpg  photo FullSizeRendermondrian_zpsuy7kvw4z.jpg Coach Party- We had the best time at The Coach Serpentine party with Gary Baseman. He performed a secret ceremony called The Order of the Camelias and we danced the night away to War Paint! Can't get over the huuuuuge Gary Baseman sweater that hung on the wall!  photo coach-spring15-london_zpscx3m42ze.jpg  photo coach- gary baseman-extra large sweater_zpsg8dfulrs.jpg  photo coach pic 3_zpsullubhjg.jpg  photo coach pic_zpswnpej1fs.jpg  photo gary basemen drawings- coach-beckermanblog_zpsaqzub4kp.jpg Henry Holland- Plaids on Plaids, high waisted patent skirts and pink and red fluffy jackets were the bessssst! His moving runway was also so cool and very futuristic. photo henry holland- fw15_zps3nyf6fy7.jpg Marques Almeida- Denim and tapestry and lots of ripped and shredded goodness. Obsessed with the new pink denim and green tapestry ties! Especially the cut out pants. This is one of our favorite seasons to date! We are dressed in head to toe Marques Almeida!
 photo marques almeidabeckerman girls_zps7gfytjjj.jpg  photo marquesalmeida-beckermanblog-1_zpsf8hcvi8u.jpg  photo marques almeida 2-beckermanblog_zpszbsxkpxg.jpg
Ashish- Now this faux fur and denim safety pin mashup is totally our vibe! It was sexy, punk and diy'-ed to the max! Super Super hot! We are wearing Ashish below
 photo beckermanblog-2_zpsl7n2jxgf.jpg  photo ashish-beckermanblog-1_zps1krr0nsc.jpg  photo ashish-beckermanblog-2_zpsivjpzwtx.jpg
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Vivienne Westwood - She knows what women want! Plaid blazers, sexy draped velvet dresses, amazing accessories with playful Care bears and deers. Not to mention obsessive shorts! We also met her and she is so amazing and fierce. We love how she is helping the environment and is all about human rights and climate change. We support her cause 1000% and we all need to be helping out doing our own part in saving the world. Please read more about #VoteGreen and how you can make a difference here!
 photo vivienne westwood-beckermanblog-fw15-2_zpsfdecnej3.jpg  photo vivienne westwood-beckermanblog-fw15-picture together_zps77yqucua.jpg  photo christopherkane-beckermanblog-fw15-3_zpslmfwix3y.jpg  photo vivienne westwood-beckermanblog-fw15-3_zpskywavvre.jpg  photo viviennewestwood-beckermanblog-fw15-1_zpsaqqbjvx5.jpg
Christopher Kane- These chiffon and lace silhouettes of lovers and body parts took our breath away. Christopher Kane's use of color and fabrication is totally brilliant. We are in love with his collection every season and this season we were speechless! His collection was filled with so much love!
 photo christopherkane-beckermanblog-fw15-5_zps3b7altmj.jpg  photo christopherkane-beckermanblog-fw15-2_zpsoda8unst.jpg  photo christopherkane-beckermanblog-fw15-1_zpsictgiysd.jpg  photo christopherkane-beckermanblog-fw15-4_zpscmrcudsn.jpg  photo christopherkane-beckermanblog-3_zpsxbqv2ar8.jpg
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Mulberry- The pink sheepskin bag!! OMG! what a beauty! We also loved the capes and felted pink jackets. They were super chic with a super luxe look!
 photo mulberry5_zpspca43xui.jpg  photo mulberry3_zpsaoznnzua.jpg  photo mulberry2_zpsavjlfakr.jpg Pringle- The knitwear was our favorite! Especially this braided vest! Happy 200th Anniversary Pringle! And here's to many more!
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